Friday, November 16, 2018
Cash Strategist Illinois or Iowa FarmBureau member benefit provided on the back of weekly newspaper.
E-Visor Daily advice provided on the internet with a Username and Password.  Also available on DTN for $235/year.
Brokerage Services  Work with salary based brokers who understands your business.
Crossover Solutions Cash grain contracts with a participating elevator to help you diversify and manage risk effectively.
Max-Visor Premium Service Comprehensive marketing plan, evaluating your specific situation and making recommendations involving -- cash grain contracts and/or futures/options; basis opportunities; pricing of crop inputs; selection of crop insurance; impact of Farm Bill; break-even analysis.
E-Alerts $60/year - Never miss a recommendation with e-alerts sent to your phone.
E-Quotes $65/year - Prices send to your cell phone by text message.
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